Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Episode Two

The transitions in this episode make it obvious that the show was written as a continuous story; only divided into pieces later for airing on television. This episode isn't quite as smooth as the first one, skipping any early dialogue between Esteban and Zia, and several spots seem to be translated roughly. The story moves quickly, through both the historical content such as the explanation of the Straits of Magellan, and the plot exposition which includes the revelation that Esteban and Zia possess matching sun pendants.

Esteban seems to have several dreams/hallucinations while on board the ship to the New World. He wakes up from one of them to overhear the captain of the ship discussing plans to get rid of Mendoza and to use Zia to find the lost cities of gold. It is revealed that Zia knows the Incan form of writing, which uses knots on thread. Also, talking to Esteban she tells him he is 'not really Spanish', which is very ambiguous, given that he is drawn with much paler skin than she and Tao are.

Favorite parts:

The golden butterflies on the water; proof that they are nearing the coast.

That sound Gaspar makes when the captain tells him to be patient. I have that in wave format somewhere, labeled as 'the most intelligent thing [he] ever said'.

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