Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Episode Six

Now we're getting into parts of the show I don't remember at all. I did remember Tau running off with Zia, but my memory included something about a cliff, rather than a treehouse. I had completely forgotten about the hidden temple, and Tau's jar. Poor Tau...I wonder how long he's been alone like that; it's no wonder he seems a little eccentric.

I think this episode has an equal number of surprises for all parties. Sure, Mendoza's gun is a shock to poor Tau, but honestly, how can a guy who keeps a monster iguana for a pet really think it's all that frightening? This episode is the first real step into the mysterious world of the cities of gold; Mendoza's science is no longer able to explain everything going on around him. We finally get a glimpse of the true scope of the adventure awaiting us.

Favorite parts:

Tau whisking Zia off down the zipline.

The Solaris emerging from its hiding place.

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